R a i n b o o n   M a n

Coverage conditions 2017
(Extract from the deck contract




 We offer fresh, cooling and freezing of "Rainboon Man" in Germany + EU.
(Only available in the EU)

 The Decks season starts on March 1st, 2017 and ends on July the 31st.


Decktaxe 2017                                                                            1,500, - Euro
 (Including 7% VAT)

Handling Fee - Freezer                                                             + 250, - Euro
 (Incl .: 7% VAT, shipping, container fee)

Handling Fee - cooling seeds (per portion)                           + 200, - Euro
 (Incl .: 7% VAT, shipping, container fee)

Handling Fee - fresh seeds (per portion)                              + 140, - Euro
(Including 7% VAT / per seed portion)

Dispatch of semen to EU-countries on request



Super early booking discount - 200, - Euro
(Booked and paid until 31.12.2016)

Early booking discount - 100, - Euro
(and paid until 28.02.2017)

 Mares with own performance - 100, - Euro
 (E.g., prize money (all disciplines), champion title, ROM, elitist,
DQHA mare show 7.5 or better, successful offspring, etc.)

Multi-mare discount (same owner) - 100, - Euro

Special deal for direct High Brow Cat daughters - 200, - Euro

 The discounts will be deducted from the cover price, the handling fee will remain unaffected. Deckaxe and handling fee must be paid before the first seed shipment. In case of overpayment (eg 2 seed portions are paid, but only 1 is actually needed, the

  The owner of the mares reimbursed.

 Order of the sperm (fresh and cooling perma) by 9.30 am at the latest, in order to be able to deliver a semen on the same day, or to make an insemination date for the semen for fresh sperm. In case of refrigerated sperm, the semen will be delivered from Monday to Friday. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), as well as on holidays or from x-day to one

 Holidays will NOT be shipped. Here the semen must be collected at the EU insemination station. (Address on request / in the deck contract).

 It is possible to order the bottle at any time. For dispatch, see refrigerated and fresh seeds.

 Since "Rainboon Man" will be presented at various tournaments in 2015, it is advisable to get in touch with us in good time for fresh and cool seamen in order to ensure seed delivery.

 Important information for the mares:

Mare must be healthy and come from a healthy, disease-free herd (especially for fresh-watered males or if the mare is stabled in our barn).

Mare must be vaccinated against influenza + rhinopneumonitis (herpes), vaccination certificate must be submitted in writing (especially for newborns or if the mare is stabled in our stall).

 The mares are advised to examine their mare for breeding purposes, as well as to make a swab sample.

 A copy of the pedigree certificate / certificate of registration as well as the breeding assessment (if present) of the mare must be enclosed with the signed deck contract. Proof of the prize, title, etc. must also be provided if this discount is claimed.

 All costs for semening, semen dispatch, container costs are paid in the form of the handling fee to the stallion owner. All additional costs of insemination (for example, cost of insemination of the mare, swab specimens, folic checks, mare's entry, etc.) are to be borne by the owner of the mares.

 For questions or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

"RAINBOON MAN" is an exceptional athlet - son of the legendary cutting sire "Peptoboonsmal", out of "Little Miss Mecom", a "Cattin" daughter, in the great color of his father: RED ROAN.

With his height of 14.2 hands he is built correctly and has very good bones. He is bombproof, always works with his human partner and always gives 250%.

His offspring so far have inherited his extremely hard and deep stop, his calm, balanced nature and his good bones. Also, all his foals are clear minded and easy to train !!!

"RAINBOON MAN" currently has NCHA LTE in the amount of $ 14,303.62, as well as the COA (Certificate of Ability). He is registered in the superior stallion book of the DQHA (one of only 11 stallions !!) and is evaluated with a total score of 8.0 (On Oct. 24, 2014)

Cutting World Series Lyon: Mel Georg mit Rainboon Man

"RAINBOON MAN" is tested for the following genetic defects:

(N / N = NO carrier of mutant gene)
GBED = N / N
PSSM = N / N
HYPP = N / N
EMH = N / N
OLWS = N / N

FQHA - # 3648: 91.40625%
Foundation Quarter Horse Association

NFQHA - # F0034520: 87%
National Foundation Quarter Horse Association


The first three generations of his pedigrees come at a NCHA winning total of $ 1,780,265.13 !!!!!

Rainboon Man bei seiner Hengstkoerung auf der Q14 in Aachen

His sporting success is not to be despised. As the only German Open-horse rider combination, he was able to reach the finale at the 2012 MERCURIA World Series in Lyon with his rider Mel Georg.

But even at the Q8, Rainboon Man was able to get through in Aachen and claimed the title for himself.

Also in 2008 he became Res. Champion of the NCHA of Germany, in 2009 then Equitana Cup Res. Champion. In 2012, he was able to claim the NCHA of Germany title.


The foals, which were previously presented on DQHA foal shows, received an average score of 8.0, with all foals having received the highest quality of their movements.

In Cutting, one of his first offspring ever shown (Time To Boon) was shown in 2016 at the NCHAoG Futurity, winning the title.

Rainboon Man mit Melanie Georg auf dem Equitana Cutting Cup 2009
Das Pedigree von Cuttinghengst Rainboon Man