Successful show start in USA

September finally took me back to the USA. The stay should deepen my abilities when working stock with dogs, but it brought me, thanks to good friends, also on my first Cow Dog Trial in Drewsey, Oregon.

The first highlight was one day before the show, the gathering and driving of approximately 200 ranch-owned head of cattle of the Otis Creek Ranch, which were needed for the tournament. I was lucky and was able to drive the cattle with horses and dogs from the pasture about 1.5 h away ... This is exactly what you imagine ...

The next day, Saturday, was the big day ... my first start at the Cow Dog Trial, where 3 cattle were driven from the horse, with the help of a dog, through a wide parcourage. I ended up beeing nearly last in the beginner class. (I have to say, I did really shit my panties before the first start :-D)

The second day came and the Second Go was on. It worked out much better than on Saturday and also clearly better than expected. With the highscore of the whole weekend of all classes I could not only reach the day win in my class but also look forward to the overall victory of the weekend in my class. Here is the Winning Run from Sunday. (If you have any questions regarding the expiration and / or the assessment system in the Cow Dog Trial, please ask:

It was so much fun and an amazing experience. At this point a very big thank you to Robin and Rocky Brown, who took me not only to the event, but also provided me horse and dog. Another big thank you to the team at Otis Creek Ranch (Jeff and Sherri Hussey, Levi and Rachel Harris) for the warm welcome and the unforgettable time on this fantastic piece of earth. Also all other participants a hearty thank you ... and with the biggest thanks goes to my four-legged companions in the trial: Border Collie "Ox" and Quarter Horse "P.W."

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