June 8, 2017

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Successful show start in USA

September 28, 2017

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QP Boon at Noon at the breeding show

August 27, 2016


Today we dared showing up with our princess at the DQHA foal show in Welzheim .... Great atmosphere, nice people and the color of the little princess was the day's highlight! We had already many foals and as good as every single one was really cool .... but as cool as the princess was None of them ... she behaved as if every new Thing she is confronted with is the most normal in the world ... cars and children,  dogs behind her ... no problem .... many people, loudspeakers and clapping? 3 hours in the heat (of course we were in the shadows !!) ...no problem


The result of the evaluation:



In the filly class she got placed 3rd (out of 8) and in the overall Evaluation she ended up on place 4 (from 17) .... Thanks to Papa Boonski (Rainboon Man - DQHA Superior Stallion) and Chulas Hickory Rose (DQHA Superior Studbook) !!! 


And before you ask now, if the princess is for sale ..... NOPE .... the princess stays with us!


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