T r a i n i n g

Over the years, I have been able to learn a lot of impressions and training methods with different trainers. I continue to develop and refine my way of training, not using a special method or emulating a special trainer.

I pick from each trainer the things that make sense for me and take over or modify them, always tuned to the particular horse I am working with. Not every horse is equal. It is the same with the people I work with ...


I introduce myself individually to each individual and together we work out the desired goal step by step.

Most people probably know me from the Cuttingsport. Cutting may take a slightly larger part of my heart but is by far only a part of my repertoire. My knowledge and skills range from ground work, round-pen, riding horses of all ages, young horse training, correction of horses to the cuttingsport.

Jean Claude Dysli mit Mel Georg
Melanie Georg mit ihrem Wallach Ricochets Homeboy

In doing so, the gentle training, which is clearly understandable to both the horse and the human being, is enormously important to me. I want horses and humans to grow together as a team, and that both of them get the safety necessary in the training to be able to safely and reliably apply what they have learned with me also at home.


The fair and calm handling of the horse, as well as the willingness to learn, the self-discipline of the person / rider, such things are also essential for me, however without putting the fun for all participants on the line. The same applies to the sport or showing... I would like a horse with a correct performance, but not a crazy, cracked, nervous sports equipment ... I would like a partner who trusts me and who gives everything in the competition, but with whom i also can relax safely on an Extended trail ride.

It is essential that I do not work the horse under saddle too early and / or surrender the horse, especially at an early stage of training. At 2 years, the growth gaps are far from being closed, so I start the horses at the earliest from the age of 3 under  saddle.

What i offer: (the breed of the horse does not play a role!)

- Training / Lessons  Riding Western


- Cuttingtraining


- Groundwork / Roundpen


- Young Horse Training


- Training with „difficult horses“


- Intensiv-training


- Riding or correct your horse


- Clinics (different topics)

- Price list

Ein Traumteam: Melanie Georg mit ihrem Cuttingpferd Rainboon Man

Training / lessons on your own horse


In the form of individual lessons, I teach riders (from leisure to show riders) with their own horses basics and further elements of the Western horseback riding, Riding with weight and thigh aids, fine handling of the reins, gymnastics of the horse, as well as maneuvers like stop, spin, etc.

Of course, the groundwork can also be included in the lessons, among other topics. Work in the roundpen or getting used to water or even trailer loading.

I try to adjust to the wishes of my customers and to get closer to their goals together with them until ultimately reaching them.

I really like it, to be able to pass on my knowledge to interested people. I find it incredibly exciting to be able to accompany the development of the most diverse horse / rider combinations and to see how they improve and their abilities grow.

Mel Georg gibt einem Reitschüler Unterricht



It does not matter if someone just wants to take a look at the cutting, for newcomers or for advanced ones, whether if their own horse already has experience on the cutting machine or on the cattle or not, ....Every level of knowledge and Performance is welcome.

With the many training weeks in the US with different trainers and my long experience in the show arena, I help both beginners and advanced riders to improve their training and / or their scores. I support beginners from the first steps of the training to the showpen. With advanced riders  I work on the subtleties. So I've been able to get several rookies to a first buckle or first NCHA earnings, as well as advanced riders to better scores and titles.


In cutting, many factors come together. In order to avoid errors during a Show and not to reduce the reference score of 70 points, it is important to know the rules. This is only possible if you have dealt with this in detail. "Know your rules !!"


As a Certified Show Secretary of NCHA USA, as well as as a participant, helper and organizer of numerous NCHA USA approved shows, I bring a lot of knowledge with regard to the rules for cutting and can also prepare my students in theory.

Eine Reitschülerin bei der Arbeit an der Cuttingmaschine


It is often underestimated how important the mutual respect between man and horse is. Misunderstandings between 80 kg and 500 kg of horse end up unfortunately only too often with accidents, injuries or even with death on both sides ... For me, it is fundamentally important to explain to the horse already from the ground, what I expect from him ... so that it can also understand what you want from him ...


The same respect I expect from the horse, I need to give him! The work on the ground and in the roundpen is essential for me to build the communication between man and horse. That is a Basis for riding, loading or similar.


Here, too, I approach each level of knowledge individually, no matter if someone would like to learn how to handle the horse without any experience (eg brushing, driving, tying a horse and scratching hooves), to relaxed loading, working on the horse, basics and advanced work in the roundpen, etc.

Bodenarbeit sowie das Arbeiten im Roundpen legen die Grundsteine für die Arbeit vom Sattel aus

Training of the young horse

For me, the young horse training is the basis of everything. I would like to have  a relaxed horse which is familiar to me and which looks after me so that we can rely on each other. Without this foundation you have less fun with each other in the long run ...


From the foal to the older horse, I help the owner and the horse prepare themselves for the common future ... E.g.: Leadership, tying, hooves, showering, saddling,  first time mounting, etc. Working with young horses gives me special pleasure. How I enjoy every time a young horse has given me his confidence...without fear and rebellion, it follows me into the trailer, it is relaxed with the water hose, or is walk trustingly with me over plastic plots. Jackpot!

When I mount for the first time and also inearly Training stages, I place great emphasis on the fact that the horse does not buck. If it would prefer to withdraw from the training or fight against it, I would have done something wrong in the preparation.

Jungpferde sollten mit vielen Situationen vertraut gemacht werden.

Training with „difficult horses“

There are some owners or horsemen who, with their beloved four-legged friends, may at some point come to a point where they just can not get any further. These problems could not be more different ... the one horse would not want to go under the saddle any more, the other only runs, the next one makes "only" Problems while trailer loading or while giving hooves, etc. The list is infinite.


Sometimes the problems are solved by themselves, but often not. Frequently, the whole thing is rocking high and becomes so bad that one does not get further alone and is almost desperate. No matter whether it is a trailer iloading problem, an unrighteous horse or a rude horse, which makes you bump into the pile, I will help you with all my knowledge and skills.


Depending on the horse, the problem and skills of the owner, I can solve the problem sometimes in a few training sessions, but sometimes it takes a little longer and it would be an advantage if the horse would stay with me for a while.


It is important for me to involve the owner in the Training ALWAYS ! If the horse and the human being go home, only with the certainty of knowing exactly how to deal with this problem and solve it, it should never happen again.

Melanie Georg reitet ein Problempferd zum ersten Mal


I have created this possibility for all those who, e.g. have a too long journey to be able to come regularly to the training or those who want to develop themselves concentrated in a few days. Means: Horse and rider stay with me for several days / weeks and we will work on the previously agreed goals and wishes.


The number of training units per day / week depends on the condition, the level of education and the age of your horse. Experience has shown that quite a lot of progress can be achieved in the training without a horse and man being too challenged.


The contents of the intensive training course can cover my complete range, from ground / round ping, to basics, problems to cutting Training.

Eine Reitschülerin an der Cuttingmaschine während eines Intensivtrainings

Riding or correct your horse

It is not possible for every horse owner to train his horse himself,  make it ready for Shows  or solve problems on his own.


During the training, the horse stays with me and I train with him several times a week, make it from the ground, help with already occurring problems or improve the already existing skills of the horse.


It is important for me to let the owner / rider join the training so that when he takes the horse home, no questions are open... that both are on the same level of knowledge. My ambition is, what they learned with me should also work at home problem-free. Usually, the owner / rider manages to come to join a training once a week to work it out and learn what I've done with his horse in the week before.

The goal is to never have a horse twice in Training cause of the same reason.

Der Beritt und das Training können diverse Bereiche des Westernreitens umfassen.

Clinincs (different topics)

I also used to participate in many clincss with different trainers. I think it gives you the opportunity to get a rough idea of the philosophy of the respective trainer and to get to know the trainer a bit better.

Therefore, I offer clincs with various contents both on my ranch in Walldürn, but also on request with your desired content (eg Roundpen, Cutting, Western basis, etc.) on your desired place. The length of the clinic on your facility can be customized. Clinics of different lengths are possible, from a one-day clinic, weekend clinic (Sat-Sun or Fri-Sun) to a complete training week - it's up to you.


There is also the possibility to book a clinic with me, with the desired content on my facility ... please contact me for a non-binding offer and appointment with me.

Reitkurse mit Melanie Georg sind unterhaltsam und lehrreich zugleich.

Price List


Individual lessons (per student - 1 student = approx. 45 minutes)

Training with own horse (also cutting machine, without cattle)                                                                               60,- Euro

Cuttingtraining without own horse (incl. Cutting machine, without cattle ) - CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE    100,- Euro

Intensive training with own horse

(Prices incl. Cutting machine - cattle on request & surcharge possible):

Examples: Saturday - Sunday, Friday - Sunday, Sunday -Sunday, Monday - Monday, etc.                     upon request


Intensive training without own horse                                                                                                              upon request


Mr riding/training your horse

(incl. boarding, incl. training, excl. cattle, costs per month)                                                                                     1.600,- Euro

Training your horse in Cutting

((incl. boarding, training and cattle per month)                                                                                                                upon request


1-day- clinic ( 8 hours) – your facility

(Plus travel costs and expenses)                                                                                                                                              1.000,- Euro


2-day- clinic ( 8 hours per day) – your facility

(Plus travel costs and expenses)                                                                                                                                              1.500,- Euro


3-day- clinic ( 8 hours per day) – your facility

(Plus travel costs and expenses)                                                                                                                                              2.200,- Euro


Clinics with your desired contents on my facility, the Q-Place Ranch                                                   upon request


The prices includes VAT.

We have special prices for offspring of our stallion Rainboon Man !!!!!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.