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Melanie Georg mit ihrer Boder Collie Hündin Peach arbeiten Schafe

In addition to my passionto work with horses, I have another one: Working with dogs. I have experience in training guard dogs, ferry dogs, luniorioring, man trailing and shepherd dog training.


But one after anonther...
It all began in 1998 with training protection service in different Schäferhunde clubs with my German shepherd "Cassandra" and my German shepherd "Chuck". As today in the equistrin sportt, the training methods on the SV places did not meet my requirements at that time.


By chance, I met a Swiss dog trainer (Mondioring), who worked with the instincts of the dogs and gave me other solutions for training with dogs, without strangle, spiked or electrohalide tape. With him, Chuck and I trained Mondioring for the following years, and even took part in a nearly 3-week seminar in San Francisco, USA, in 2001, which he directed.

Border Collie Hündin Peach arbeitet ein Angus Rind

In the area of Ludwigsburg and later in Ammerbuch I did run a dog School and instructed clinincs for several years. When I increased the equistrian activities and opened the QP shop, I decided to close the dog school.

With my Belgian shepherd (Malinois) "Smoky" I trained some subordination, protection and Frisbee. Unfortunately he broke a leg while doing Frisbee. For this reason, I worked with him (and our Border Collie "Mikey") almost two years in mantrailing.

I first had experiences with herding dogs when my husband bought his Border Collie Mikey from friends. Through him and various other personal experiences, I have learned to love this breed and have stayed with the hats.

It is amazing what this breed can afford with appropriate support and Training.

They are clever, brave, insane fast, agile and extremely enduring. Unbelievably as they come from full-speed  to a stop in a blink of an eye, the concentration on the animals to be guarded, waiting for a new command.


They are capable of moving adult cattle through their presence and their gaze and to direct them to the desired location. Border Collies would not hesitate to convince the rebels in a short time that co-operation would be a much more intelligent choice.

As a cattle owner and cutter, I have heard and seen a lot of "Stock Dogs" from the USA, which make the work on and around the cattle noticeable easier. In addition, the dog can also be used as a helper dog during cutting training, with the dog being able to cover the function of two turnbacks.

Because of its suitability to drive cattle, it was actually clear that I would sooner or later also would own a Border Collie. I fulfilled this desire in the beginning of 2016 in form of my Border Collie bitch "Peach".


Since then, she has been supporting me daily in my work with cattle and sheep, as well as in cutting training. In several weeks of training and training with my trainer in the USA, I have acquired the knowledge needed and I will continue to train myself there.


Also, I can arrange to get already started or already trained dogs from the USA to Germany. In Germany, Stock Dogs and working with dogs around cattle is pretty much unkown. I'd like to change that!


Whether it is "bleeding the cattle" (bovine bleeding with fixation in the headgate), loading or driving the herd around on different pastures, a stock dog takes over the bulk of the work and his heart and Soul will make him the best Ranch Hand you ever had.

Border Collie Welpe Lilly aus dem Wurf 2016
Border Collie Hündin Peach arbeitet eine Herde Dorper Schafe
Border Collie bei der Ranch Arbeit

For   training purposes for Stock Dogs, I also own a small herd of Dorper sheep, which is well kept. A young dog can take the first steps here, learn the basics and build up the necessary self confidence to be able to work on cattle later.


With more experienced dogs subtleties can be worked out. Furthermore, I consider a changing number of cattle, which are also available for the training of more experienced dogs.


I will be checked by the Veterinary Office to be able to offer the training and regular clinics of Stock Dogs here in Germany.

Through my contacts in the USA I find the suitable dog for your needs! Contact me and we will go through your requirements point by point. I will immediately check my contacts in the United States to find the right counterpart.


Also I can help you with the import of the dog. (Of course, the dogs carry all the investigations, vaccinations and other conditions for the successful import to Europe.)

In December 2016, my Boder Collie bitch "Peach" had her first litter with 7 healthy puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls, exceptionally without papers. The puppies are beautiful and the first movements and the behavior of a stock dog were visible shortly after the eyes were opened.

Within a short time, all the puppies of the litter had new owners from Hessen to Lake Constance. Litters are also planned in future, but with papers. I will announce the plans, but will actually only perform the litter if I have 3 or more fixed reservations for puppies. I want the puppies to have a reliable home by encouraging and engaging the breed accordingly.

During the time when the puppies are still with the mama it is important to me that the new owners, as far as possible, come to visit their puppies from time to time. It makes it easy for the little one to move to the new home  when ite has seen and smelled his new people more often before, so the new owner is not completely alien to it when it is picked up.

Anyone who already had a stock dog helping with cattle or sheep would never want to give up the help of this four-legged partner again.

In this sense, I will keep you up to date and inform you as soon as the first training sessions are final.




You can come to train with my sheep, it not nessarily has to be a Border Collie, but it has to be a Shepherd dog breed

Border Collie Rüde Mikey arbeitet eine Herde Angus Rinder