B i o g r a p h y

Actually, I do not like to talk much about myself, but rather about what I do, love and live: to train horses, train and pass on my knowledge to other horsepeople.


Though, I'll tell you a few things about me. Starting horseriding with dressage and show jumping in 1987, I got to know and love the westernhorses in 2002 introduced to me by my husband Rob. Within the next 2 years he had taught me about the basics and prepared my skills to work on with other coaches. After two completed professional trainings (technician draftsman & policewoman) and 6 years in uniform, I quit the service and do what I have always wanted - to work with horses, train them and pass on my knowledge to other riders.

Stagnation means regression. Even if this sentence seems somewhat hackneyed, it corresponds to my philosphy! For this reason, I am always looking for new inspiration and training in courses and training sessions, from and with the most varied coaches. Always with the aim of expanding my knowledge and improving my horsemanship. I am inquisitive and always want to learn ... when I do something, I am doing it with body and soul! "You're never too old to learn" - after that I live.

Mel Georg bei der Cutting Futurity der NCHAoG 2012

Until today i am glad that i was able to learn from:

Jean-Claude Dysli (ES)

Bernd Hackl (GER)

Steffen Breug (GER)

Keith Barnett (USA)

Dean Terry (USA)

Keith Hosman (USA)

Scott Weis (USA)

Craig Morris (USA)

 Jeremy Barwick (USA)

Chubby Turner (USA)

Lindy Burch (USA)

Robert Rust (USA)

Leon Harrel (USA)

Sam Turner (USA)

Kenzie Dysli (ES)

Austin Shepard (USA)

Reining, trail and various elements of other disciplines are still exciting to me and i still train them or parts of them with my own or with customer horses, my heart however beats for cutting. It is the only discipline in which the rider does not pretend the way, but the cow does. The most fascinating thing about Cutting for me is, to train a horse with it's instincts, to make it think independently and to see how it uses it's cowsense.


I am firmly convinced that whoever was allowed to cut a cow on a trained cutting horse can not get rid of this "drug". That was definately how i experienced it!

With the purchase of my first cutting horse, my Quarter Horse stallion "Rainboon Man" in 2007, a story would start for me, which I did not see comin' at that time, which i did not even dare to dream of. I wanted to go shows but not at any price! I wanted to see, how far can you come in the cutting pen when you work with his horse and not against it ... It's workin', you can reach top!

In my first year of being a training, I finished the 2012 season with another Int. German Champion title in the Open, together with "Rainboon Man", who had his first show season after two years of injury. And also we could celebrate our biggest success so far: the NCHA MERCURIA WORLD SERIES OPEN FINAL LYON 2012 (as the only German participant ever), in which we ended up on the 8th place.


With the young horse "Phelps Ninth Gold", which I was allowed to train in the USA, I was able to win the Reserve Champion title at the first European Derby in Lyon, as well as the same title at theNCHAoG Futurity 2012. The show in Lyon was the first Show ever in his career.

As already described above, it is important for me to reach the horse through motivation, which is why trust and respect are the basis of my training, with my own training horses as well as with the training horses entrusted to me.


I am only satisfied with myself and my training when the horse has understood what I want from him and when it shows me willingly what i taught him whenever i ask for it. In the case of young horses. I attach particular importance to the horse not bucking. This would be a sign for me, that I have done too fast or something wrong.

Melanie Georg sattelt ein Cuttingpferd
Mel Georg mit ihrem Hengst Rainboon Man auf der Mercuria World Series Cutting Show in Lyon

As a trainer, I give lessons and clinics at the ranch or even individual lessons or clinics at foreign locations. You can find further information on the training page here on the website!

Since the end of 2010, I am turnbacking and herdholding at  cutting-shows for beginners and my cuttingbuddies together with my former reining horse "Ricochets Home Boy" alias "Buddy" or with "Trackers Solano", my Cutting Professor!


For all of us,  tfor he two horses  as well as for me this jobmeans  always big fun! This task is one of my favorite activities at shows. Through my many stays in the USA, I have been able to grow enormously in this field and must say that good help is a science in itself and absolutely must be learned. Unfortunately there is no real training for the helpers in Germany, so I am happy to offer special  clinics for helpers or interested riders from 2017 onwards.


Finally, I would like to get rid of something. I still love to Show and I am also gladly available to other horsemen as helper, but I do not have the feeling that i have to proof something to others or me today anymore.


I love to teach and to pass on my knowledge, which I still extend, to horses or riders ... and that is what I do.

Mel Georg mit ihrem Hengst QP Cats Boonbastic

Sadly, I have to admit that horses that are trained only under pressure are often showing more spectacular moves and maybe they even win often, but this is where I am definitely out ... this is not worth it.


I think I can look back on a few remarkable achievements so far and maybe there are a  few more to come. For me, it is much more important to treat the animals with respect, to train them and not to break them and to look in the mirror with a clear conscience after the training.


Since then I have travelled through the cutting world, I always try to show my horses in the best possible way, often I succeed, sometimes not. You can find me on shows from the NCHA of Germany, NCHA USA and the Royal Bavarian Cutters.

My regular trainings in the USA often include participation in NCHA USA shows there.

After I had won a total of 4 German championship titles, a few Highpoint champion titles and the Americana Masters Cutting Reserve Champion title, I decided to become an active coach at the beginning of 2012.

Melanie Georg mit Phelps Ninth Gold beim European Derby Cutting 2012 in Lyon